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Hotel and Restaurant Na louži | Český Krumlov | Accommodation
Český Krumlov,  Michal Tůma | Hotel and Restaurant Na louži | Český Krumlov | Accommodation

Český Krumlov,  Michal Tůma | Hotel and Restaurant Na louži | Český Krumlov | Accommodation

Český Krumlov,  Michal Tůma | Hotel and Restaurant Na louži | Český Krumlov | Accommodation

About Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov Card | Hotel and Restaurant Na louži | Český Krumlov | AccommodationČeský Krumlov, this town located in the Southern Bohemia on the Vltava river is one of the most significant municipal monumentsin the Czech Republic listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It grew as the seat of the mighty feudal clan of Vítkovci, and further grew under the nobility of Rosenberg;. There are other noble houses linked to the town: (the Eggenbergs and the Schwarzenbergs). The castle originates from the first half of the 13the century (second largest in Boheimia after the Prague castle) has been rebuilt into a Chateau in the second half of the 16th century with very rich collections. There is an exceptionally preserved baroque theatre with original props linked to the main Chateau with an unusual cloak bridge. In the castle park with the Castle Riding School, you can find the letohrádek Bellarie pleasure house and an open air theatre with rotating auditorium. The Castle and Chateu dominate to town skyline and the historical and picturesque atomosphere of the town is further enhanced by the Latrán quarter and the town on the right bank of the Vltava river. This town has a Gothic-period character with Renaissance buildings and the Gothic St. Vitus Church, the Monasteries of the Cross and Klarissas, Reniassance-period town hall, Reniassance-period brewery and armoury, former Jesuit college building, remians of town walls, town gates and various other historical buildings.

The town, its buildings and ancient inhabitants is also a rich source of many folktales and legends that can give visitors of today both a lesson in history and a romantic experience. The visitors of our town can also enjoy a number of cultural, sports and touristic experiences.

The fans of culture should not miss the Egon Schiele Art Centrer, but the offer of cultural experiences is much richer: International Art Gallery, 4 music festivals, 3 theatres, 1 theatre festival, 8 museums and many galleriese and shops with artistic handicrafts.

Český Krumlov is a tonw of many experiences –for example historical festivals such as (The five-pointed Rose Festival, St. Wenceslas Festival, Advent in Český Krumlov), beer tasting in the local brewery, rafting on the Vltava river, night sightseeing, culinary experiences…

If our visitors are of a sporty disposition, they can find excellent conditions in the town and nearby for hiking, biking, horseback riding, golf, and boat sailing down the Vltava river. Near the town you can find two nature preserves: Šumava National Park and Blanský les Nature Preserve.

If you prefer a less-crowded place on your travels and appreciate the history, culture, sport and tourism in a calmer atmosphere, we can recommend that you arrive outside the main season. You will get nearly all the same attractions and possibilities and while some events may not be realized in the same scale as during the summer season, there are other events taking place according to weather conditions.

Český Krumlov is an important touristic destination. It may seem like a work of fantasy to its visitors. However this is a living place, where history and tradition is built on with respect and love.

For more information: www.ckrumlov.cz

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